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from lobbers to kickers to flip levers, you dream it, we build it 

elevate your game with a custom made to order freestyle moto ramp or flip levers made to hit those backflip trick goals

Whether you’re launching into a freestyle moto career or you’ve been doing it for years; an InsaneFMX ramp will be the last ramp you’ll ever want to hit.

Our ramps are designed from experience. Distance ramps; kickers, front-flip ramps, and everything in between – InsaneFMX has the knowledge and the guts to bring you what you’re thrill seeking heart desires.

Freestyle motocross is an industry that advances quickly. Stay ahead of the game with an InsaneFMX ramp.

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Follow team insane riders, going around the world doing freestyle motocross.

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These are some rad companies that we have worked with

Concept Distributing

Flossy Bumz

RMR Suspensions

Elevated Taktics

BMLO Productions

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It’s not our first rodeo

Meet Dennis - welder fabricator & freestyle motocross nutball

Passion fuels FMX. If you’ve ever met Dennis, you will know one thing for sure – his heart and soul is freestyle motocross. As a retired FMX rider, he’s shifted his focus to support his fellow riders by building and designing freestyle motocross ramps.

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Every rider is unique in their skillset, passion, and goals. Let’s talk & figure out where you’re headed so we can build you a ramp to get you there. 

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